Project Management

Acquiring talents for your business growth

By combining our specialised sector knowledge with recruiting expertise, we are able to deliver and manage recruitment projects that better adapt your talent resources to the evolving market challenges. If you are looking to build or rebuild your team, expand into new market, or engage for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), our regional team will be able to customize solution that caters to your business needs.


New Business & New Markets

Whether you are establishing a new business, or you are venturing out to a new market, building up a new team will always be the starting point. Amethyst Partners is here to take care of your talent requirement and needs. Our project management and advisory team will be happy to hear you out while we deliver tailored solution catering to your needs.

Business and Team Expansion

Expanding your business requires more effort and strategic planning than just adding to the headcounts. Our specialists strategically craft solutions to ensure that your expansion could drive business growth to the next level supported by a talented team that fits well into the organisation culture and business vision.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In this dynamic business environment, outsourcing recruitment could be a solution to effectively and strategically manage talent in your organisation. Every RPO project has to be uniquely designed to cater to the different organisation needs. Connect with our industry specialist to discuss more in details.

Market Survey & Research

A well-executed market research helps managers to develop a robust strategy and business plan. We may not be able to provide an intensive research report, but having been specialised in recruitment has well equipped us with skillset to connect people and market information quickly. Reach out to our industry specialists if you have any special request for market information.

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Targeted Headhunt

Already have a specific talent you’d like to engage to join your team? It may not be as simple as just picking up a call or sending out an invitation directly. Hiring process requires management expectation and to facilitate a better understanding, Amethyst Partners could be your preferred partner in facilitating the process.

Business Services

Entering a new market requires expertise from various aspects to get the organisational structure right for a good start. In additional to talent requirements and market information, Amethyst Partners’ established network in the region will be able to streamline some of the administrative process for you. Connect with our advisory team if you are looking to set up something new in the region.

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