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Acquiring talents for your business growth

Talent management is a fundamental requirement for every business success. It is not a number game that just look to balance the equation of headcount, cost and revenue. To stay ahead in the competition, every headcount added should fit well into the business strategic plan, contributing positively to the overall productivity, creativity, and organisation success.

Amethyst Partners specialises in talent solutions in the investment management and services industry. Our industry-specific experience and expertise have allowed us form deep engagement with market participants, giving us a better sight into the industry movement.

We tailor talent solutions to meet each of our client’s business needs. Our established network and specialised experience in the industry had made us who we are. We offer a full range of talent solution and services that aim to equip business with the right talent pool, enhancing their ability to innovate and grow.

Identifying The Right Fit

Is about having a clear understanding of needs and wants

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Client Engagement

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Industry Specialised Sourcing & Screening

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Managing the Fit

Our recruitment framework starts with having a clear understanding of client’s organisational requirements for talent. Instead of searching for good looking resume, we source through our database and network with the aim to find the right fit. Our mission is to fill the position with talent that can fit well into our clients’ organisational goals, while candidates are able advance their career strategically and meaningfully.

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